Nolcha Fashion Week kicked off Thursday and it was a pleasant surprise! Held at the Alvin Ailey Dance Studios here in NYC, I was expecting something sub-par to whats seen at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week but it was PHENOM! Seriously!!! I initially went to see the collection of independent designer Megla M but was shocked to know that I would see collections from 3 other designers as well! I would love to attend more shows at Nolcha Fashion Week but I don’t know if my schedule will allow me to! Check out the fabulous garments above!!!

I was too busy taking pictures to list all the designers from Thursday’s shows! For more information on the designers featured at Nolcha Fashion Week go HERE!

11 February 2012 ·

Seleah Simone

As the founder of Brooklyn Fashion Forum, I believe Sex Sells but Bad Fashion doesn't!

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